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January 5, 2013

Growers Use Special Soil Pasteurizers: An Important Step

Used in research labs, professional  greenhouses, and hobby growers world-wide,  professional grade Pro-Grow Electric Soil Sterilizers are manufactured in the U.S.A. by a leader in the manufacturing of commercial grade horticulture equipment for over 30 years. These user-friendly units offer an excellent alternative to other labor intensive methods, including the use of ovens to heat soil that result in not only a mess, but long-lasting earthy odors which develop in ovens.

*An important first step in many situations to propagate healthy, strong plants year-round by controlling common soil-borne weeds, harmful pests (i.e. snails, gnats and eggs), molds (damping off), and disease safely, economically, and chemical-free  in your growing media…pasteurize BEFORE you plant your valuable seeds, cuttings, and transplants. Successful growers around the world have been using Pro-Grow’s heavy-duty equipment for over 30 years to carefully control their growing mixes in-house. Sterilize screened media first and then add beneficial amendments and supplements.  Using unsterilized or infested media in the beginning may introduce a variety of problems into your growing operations.  Minimize your exposure to toxic chemicals with soil pasteurization and sterilization.

Control and improve the quality of your growing mixes with pasteurization.  click here  for more product information and to see all electric soil sterilizer models used worldwide for professional use, including the XP models which are popular with Orchid Growers.

click here for pictures of larger Pro-Grow Sterilizers on flickr along with other interesting work going on

Along with using an excellent quality pasteurized growing mix, sterilizing your containers and tools is another important step for successful growing. Seed flats, pots, trays, and tools should be disinfected by soaking for 30 minutes in a 10% solution of chlorine bleach (one part bleach and nine parts water). Rinse and allow to dry before using again.

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Click here for “Potting Media and Plant Propagation – Start Farming- Penn State Extension”.  EXCELLENT information  including different recipes for seedling mixes for starting transplants. Make your own highly nutritious mixes.