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January 26, 2013

Pro-Grow Propagation Heat Mats for seed starting


Propagate seeds and cuttings with the most durable propagation mats available: Pro-Grow’s easy to use- truly heavy-duty– commercial grade propagation mats are designed for HEAVY USE and are available to all growers…these are RUBBER propagation mats (not rubberized pvc plastic).

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So…Why RED?

“Available only in the RED color, this special red rubber (not cheap rubberized PVC which is flimsy, slippery, and has strong odor) works the best for manufacturing an extraordinarily durable and reliable propagation mat for our customers to use all year round, year after year.” – Pro-Grow Engineering Team is exclusively in the U.S.A.~ with proven leaders in manufacturing Heavy-Duty growing equipment.

**The firm rubber creates an excellent surface which allows mats to stay flat, never bunch up, yet easily roll up for storage.  AKA “the mats that last”.

*Successful growers rely upon U.S.A. manufacturer Pro-Grow…consistently manufacturing products with the quality and durability for greenhouse and nursery growing world-wide. Authorized Pro-Grow Greenhouse Store.

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Pro-Grow Professional Red Propagation Mats are used by commercial greenhouses, as well as hobby growers. Pro-Grow is dedicated to continuing manufacturing of it’s entire line of products in the U.S.A. in 2022 and beyond.

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GROW WITH THE PRO’S in 2022! Thank you for your business.