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August 5, 2017

Greenhouse First Step: Use Pro-Grow Electric Soil Sterilizer then Add Amendments – Zoom In

Soil Sterilizers – An Important First Step

An important first step for strong, healthy seed and plant propagation is controlling soil borne weeds, pests (excellent for common fungus gnats), molds (damping off) and disease efficiently, safely, and chemical-free in soil, finished compost, potting mix, and other growing media.

Go with the Pro’s who’ve been manufacturing these in the U.S.A. for over 30 years…Durable Pro-Grow Electric Soil Sterilizer line offers 12 models to choose from.

DURABLE PROGROW – Grow with proven mechanical designs and quality materials for over 30 years.

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Pro-Grow Heavy-Duty Soil Sterilizers

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#1 GreenhouseStore

Important proven design features include: heat sterilization throughout unit & pass-through design for ease of thorough cleaning and drying when not in use (important mold reduction design)

click here for pictures of larger Pro-Grow Sterilizers on flickr along with other interesting work going on