**YOUTUBE VIDEOS of PRO-GROW Propagation Mat and Thermostat

Click right here to watch an interesting YouTube video demonstrating an indoor propagation system using a  Pro-Grow Professional Grade Heavy-Duty Propagation Mat with Pro-Grow Control Thermostat purchased from Harris Seeds.

Click right here to watch another interesting YouTube video demonstrating seed starting equipment in a greenhouse.

growing equipment,germination chamber,small farm toolsToss the flimsy heat mats and grow with the PRO’s!

Pro-Grow  Professional Grade Propagation Equipment to germinate seeds and propagate cuttings. WWW.DURABLEGROWINGEQUIPMENT.COM

Look for the RED MATS…this special red rubber (not cheap rubberized pvc which is flimsy, slippery, and has strong odor) works the best for manufacturing an extraordinarily heavy-duty, reliable, trouble-free propagation mat with excellent thermal heat transfer. For growers who are looking for equipment they can rely on all year round, year after year. Pro-Grow’s manufacturing facility is located in the U.S.A.

fleurs dans une serregrow tomato plants

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