Easy Tips To Modify Garden Tools For Gardeners With Back Problems

Easy Tips to Modify Garden Tools for Gardeners with Back ProblemsGardening with a bad back has its problems. However, the good news is, with simple tools modifications you can still garden. Garden tools can be adapted to alleviate the strain and stress on your back.Gardeners with back problems should keep in mind the following suggestions:

  • Keep your back straight while digging.
  • Use long-handled tools.
  • Use handle extenders to improve leverage.
  • Try to customize your own gardening and planting devices.
  • Garden in accessible garden containers:

Raised beds are large bottomless boxes that contain soil and permit drainage below.

Boxes and containers of various sizes provide successful ways to grow vegetables and flowers. Be sure to pick a container that will allow for healthy root development.

Hanging baskets can create planting space where none exists. Or, combined with a container garden, can give a double-decker growing area. Also, you can make your own pulley system by using steel hooks or rings clamped/mounted to railings or walls.

Table planters are shallow soil-filled trays supported on legs. Remember, 27 inches is needed for knee clearance to comfortable allow chair to fit underneath.

Deep boxes, barrel, and tubs can be used to create small raised beds for flowers, vegetables, and herbs. These containers work well for annual plants.

  • Use a stool, heavy duty 5 gallon bucket, small folding chair, or bench when you need to rest.
  • Grow flowers, plants, vegetables, or edibles that are easy to manage without much stooping or manual labor.
  • Plot out your garden tasks. Avoid numerous trip and don’t overload yourself with a lot of tools or garden equipment.
  • Make hauling your garden tools easier by using a golf bag on wheels, sturdy box, apron with large and small pockets, or basket with a variety of handles that can hold tools, plants, seeds, and other related garden supplies.
  • HandHelpers.com

For a list of books and booklets about Gardening with Back Problems, please click here.

For additional information contact your local University of Missouri Extension Center or the University of Missouri AgrAbility Project, at 1.800.995.8503.


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