Small Soil Batch Mixer is a WORKHORSE for Horticulturists, Greenhouses and Nurseries

Custom Mix Soils and different amendments specific to your growing region and enhance your growing operations. Control the quality of  growing mixes and soil blends with Pro-Grow’s smallest  Heavy-Duty Greenhouse Soil Batch Mixers manufactured in the U.S.A. (ships factory direct on a special skid that allows for easy maneuverability using a fork-lift or hand-truck).  In addition to the user-friendly and efficient design, the batch Soil Mixers are engineered with a commitment to excellent quality parts, which has given them the reputation for decades as “workhorses”…

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**Mix Your Own Excellent Quality Blends:

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Special Order Options Available.

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Whether you’re looking to batch mix for your own growing operations or to sell custom mixes, control the quality of growing mixes and customize soil blends with Pro-Grow’s “Workhorses”.  #1 in DURABILITY

*It’s rare to find Pro-Grow’s “workhorses” on the used market.  Pro-Grow is known for designing and manufacturing built-to-last products for it’s customers, not ones needing replacement parts a few years down the road.