Pro-Grow SOIL STERILIZERS – Current Information

November 2022

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Yes, you’ve found a reliable and current resource for information on Pro-Grow’s heavy-duty and well known stainless steel Soil Sterilizers! You’ve also found an authorized Pro-Grow distributor to purchase them from: Durable Greenhouse & Nursery Equipment

Pro-Grow worked steady to manufacture non-stop throughout the covid shutdowns around the country the past couple years and continues to manufacture their entire line of heavy-duty proven greenhouse equipment, which includes their well known line of Soil Sterilizers (6 models), Germination Chambers (3 models), Propagation Mats (3 models) + Control Thermostats (3 models).

Please go to our website for product details and click on the “Contact Us” tab to request a freight quote/current factory lead-time on any of the heavy-duty Pro-Grow Soil Sterilizers, Pro-Grow Germination Chambers, and Pro-Grow Propagation Mats + Controls.

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GROW WITH THE PRO’S in 2022 ~ Thank you for your business.