Solid, easy-to-maneuver, and affordable Pro-Grow Germination-Propagation Chambers, with stainless steel removable shelves, are trusted as an efficient and cost-effective way for greenhouse growers to germinate a high volume of seeds or cuttings in sterilized finely screened propagation mixes and then transfer seedlings or cuttings to sterilized and amended potting mixes.

The Germination Chamber allows growers to better control the seed germination environment (also used to propagate cuttings) with their secure enclosure and water saver design. Each Pro-Grow manufactured Germination Chamber has a Pro-Grow manufactured Control Thermostat to regulate the temperature for more consistent seed germination. Reduce chances of mold with Pro-Grow Germination-Propagation Chambers. Lightweight durable front and back panels are easily removed (and stored on unit), after use, for front and back flow through air circulation allowing for full unit quick cleaning and drying of stainless steel interior … and easy front and back access.  Estimated shipping weight 200 LBS.

Best Germination Chambers

Best Germination Chambers: #1 in keeping your floor dry and water off the floor with Pro-Grow’s easy fill large custom stainless steel water pan with drain and custom threaded drain (and clean-out) plug. The germination uses very little water during a run.  Don’t risk a flooded greenhouse with floats that can fail and hose connectors that can leak. Grow with the PRO’s in design and manufacturing in USA…Pro-Grow #1 in truly durable Heavy Duty Germination-Propagation Chambers.

Durable Greenhouse & Nursery Equipment LLC is an authorized Pro-Grow Distributor ~ call or email anytime. Dedicated to carrying Heavy-Duty Pro-Grow products ~ their full product line continues to be made at their manufacturing factory in the USA and they’ve proven themselves over the last 30 years to be a smart, solid, and trusted brand for greenhouse growers.

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