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July 18, 2014

INFESTED POTTING SOIL – Treat By The Batch with Pro-Grow Professional Heat Soil Sterilizers

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*An important first step in many situations to propagate healthy, strong plants year-round by controlling common soil-borne weeds, harmful pests (i.e. snails, gnats and eggs), molds (damping off), and disease safely, economically, and chemical-free  in your growing media…pasteurize BEFORE you plant your valuable seeds, cuttings, and transplants. Successful growers around the world have been using Pro-Grow’s heavy-duty equipment to carefully control their growing mixes in-house.  Sterilize finely screened media first and then add beneficial amendments and supplements (click here for Heavy-Duty Soil Mixers).  Using unsterilized or infested media in the beginning may introduce a variety of problems into your growing operations.  Minimize your exposure to toxic chemicals with soil pasteurization and sterilization. Also, be sure to always use sterilized containers and tools… If you are considering buying expensive “pre-sterilized” commercial growing mixes, ALWAYS question the quality!

Take control of the quality of your mixes. Control and improve the quality of your growing mixes with pasteurization.  click here  for more product information and to see the large selection of Pro-Grow Supply professional grade electric soil sterilizer models used worldwide for professional use, including the XP models which are popular with Orchid Growers and for bulkier material. Go with the tried and true Pro-Grow brand.

Important design features:  Pro-Grow has specific design features along with special proven high quality materials they use that are tested in their labs and chosen by the engineering dept. which are exclusive to their products and the longevity and “built-to-last” nature of all their products. Important proven design features include: heat sterilization throughout unit & pass-through design for ease of thorough cleaning and drying when not in use (important mold reduction design). For more information, please go to (authorized Pro-Grow Distributor) where you’ll find specific product information, our contact phone number, and a “Contact Us” page where you can email us.   We look forward to being of assistance.

Click here to watch an interesting video (go to minute 2:40) that includes how they use a soil sterilizer in their commercial operations:

In 2022, leave it to the manufacturing Pro’s – Pro-Grow Greenhouse & Nursery Equipment – engineering and manufacturing truly heavy-duty equipment.

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