Pro-Grow’s Germination Propagation Chambers – Zoom In

Zoom in.

A couple highlights:

Unique Proven Design:  Ability to easily have front and back open access is a unique design feature which allows the grower to easily visualize the flats when open (more light available), have easy physical access to check on flats (without having to take them all out), and to open the chamber up when not in use for ease of cleaning and drying …and mold reduction.

Quality Manufacturing: The proper materials selection and manufacturing processes at the factory – i.e. stainless steel custom shelving (removable) and heavy-duty materials used to manufacture the solid welded frame… are chosen for longevity of the unit.

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Innovating and manufacturing truly heavy-duty affordable products. 

progrow propagation germination chambersSOLID FRAMEseed starting germination chamber propagation chamberLIGHTWEIGHT & STRONG INTERIOR STAINLESS STEEL SHELVES, WATER PAN, SCREWS, & BRACKETS

Choice of shelving materials matter: choose Pro-Grow’s proven lightweight custom removable stainless steel shelves v.s. heavy wire racks or plastic that’s not made for the weight of heavy flats sliding back and forth… year after year. Reduce your replacement part costs.

PRO-GROW manufactures, in their USA factory, a solid frame…built like no other…leave it to the PRO’S to engineer and manufacture germination propagation chambers in the USA.


durable greenhousepropagation chamberEASY LOADING, VIEWING,  AND CLEANING WITH FRONT & BACK ACCESS.

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